The Creative Way

Our Way

Creative Child Care, Inc. is a quality rated early educational childcare provider that is proud to be locally owned and operated and to be a viable company in central Ohio. We utilize developmentally appropriate practices and age-appropriate curriculum that will ensure school readiness for all children in our care. We provide a safe, nurturing environment for children to develop and learn and regular communication with the family to ensure the best situation for the child. Our expertise and participation in the Early Childhood Education community and our knowledge of the Central Ohio Business Community makes us an asset to every child and parent we serve.

Creating a Future for Your Child

Social and medical researchers agree that from ages 1 to 6 human beings learn and develop more than at any other time in their lives. National studies confirm that a high-quality childcare program plays a valuable role in shaping a child’s future during those crucial early years. There is conclusive evidence that children stimulated by developmentally appropriate experiences and enriched by interactions with peers and supportive adults are better prepared for formal education and a productive adulthood.

Creating Quality

All centers are highly rated through Ohio’s Step-Up-To-Quality rating system. Children enrolled at our centers participate in a learning and development program where the level of quality exceeds Ohio’s childcare licensing standards. We are proud of our administrators and teaching staff for not only achieving their high rating but also for maintaining it year after year. Below are some of the ways our centers provide increased quality of care to benefit your child’s development and learning:

  • Administrators and teachers have higher education qualifications and complete 30 or more hours of specialized training every two years.
  • Lower staff to child ratios which allows teachers more time to support your child’s individual needs.
  • Lesson plans are individualized to support each child’s growth. Teachers plan intentional and purposeful activities and experiences that meet the needs, interests, and abilities of children to support them where they are in their development.
  • Assessments are completed to evaluate and improve the learning experience. Regular assessments are done with your child to help keep track of their growth over time. This lets teachers adjust how they offer activities and experiences to your child daily.
  • Families and the community are valued. We work with families and neighborhood organizations to provide more opportunities for children.

Creating Partnerships with Parents

At Creative Child Care our philosophy is to answer the needs of children and their families in a quality childcare and educational setting with positive experiences. We see the parent as the first teacher, and our role is offering complementary support services and understanding. We take seriously the responsibility for developing young minds, bodies, and character, and we share that responsibility with parents whenever possible. As a parent you can expect to share in your child’s growth through:

  • An open-door policy and daily contact with your child’s teachers throughout the day via our parent communication app.
  • Formal Parent/Teacher conferences held twice a year. Parents work together with their child’s teacher to create goals for their child. Information is shared about the child’s progress and adjustments are made as needed.
  • Parent participation at center events and educational trainings.
  • Any interaction which helps us work as a team to address your child’s total development, increase his or her security away from home, and supplement the care he or she receives from the family. Referrals to community intervention services are also available.

Creating Security Through Structure

At Creative Child Care children are grouped in classes according to age and ability. Scheduled developmentally appropriate activities include reading readiness and language arts, outdoor and large muscle play, music and rhythms, social and nature sciences, math concepts, creative art and dramatics, free play, computer training. Activities are designed to arouse the child’s natural curiosity and allow him to learn through exploration and experimentation. The daily routine includes a balance of active and quiet play as well as opportunities for both solitary and group time. Although we allow room for some flexibility and variation in the schedule, our days are carefully planned to provide a consistent program tailored to the needs of the children in each class. We find that such consistency adds to each child’s sense of security with children knowing what to expect and when to expect it.

Creating a Positive Approach

Creative Child Care strives to provide a safe, secure, and nurturing environment for all children to learn and grow. We encourage the satisfaction of curiosity by providing opportunity with a safe environment for children to observe, ask questions, experiment, make mistakes and find the answers for themselves. Children need to engage in relationships with both adults and peers to grow and develop. By utilizing the following strategies, our staff will provide a positive approach that is responsive to the individual needs of the child.

  • Managing the Physical Environment
  • Using Positive Reinforcement
  • Providing Choices
  • Problem Solving
  • Redirecting
  • Ensuring Safety

Creating Well Rounded Children

Creative Child Care’s purpose is to educate the whole child by offering experiences that will help children meet their social, emotional, educational, and physical needs. We view curriculum as “everything that happens within the classroom” regardless of the age of the child. All Classrooms utilize “Creative Curriculum®” as a foundation for our learning experiences. Creative Curriculum®, aligns with the Ohio Early Learning Development Standards and is used in all our centers. Children learn through this research-based curriculum allowing active and developmentally appropriate participation while encouraging cognitive, social/emotional, physical and language development of each child. This environment is further enriched by interactions with peers and supportive adults allowing children to celebrate their accomplishments.

Creative Curriculum® goes by the child’s interest meaning the children learn through play. Play and investigation are central to our program as how cognitive learning, socialization and creativity develops. Children are given the opportunity to make choices, express ideas and theories, and act upon their understandings within a well-defined learning environment. Within each classroom, a variety of materials and media are available for the children to graphically represent their knowledge and understanding and express their ideas. It is the teacher’s responsibility to acknowledge the children’s interest and create lesson plans that meet Ohio Early Learning standards and to develop individual child goals to support skill progression towards proficiency.

Creative Curriculum® is the foundation for the learning experience, and children can explore at their own pace in areas that interest them.

Creating a Sense of Self-Worth and Value

At Creative Child Care we encourage a lifelong love of learning and a desire to pursue it as we prepare children for productive and responsible roles in a complex, global society. We work to provide engaging and innovative activities and experiences that promote intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and creative development of the total child. These experiences help children develop a positive sense of self-worth and value.