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Creative Child Care’s mission is to provide high quality, developmentally appropriate and affordable child care in a safe and nurturing environment while creating partnerships with parents for the best outcome for the child.

The difference the Creative Way makes

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to answer the needs of children and their families in a quality child care and educational setting. We provide a safe and nurturing environment with positive experiences for children to develop and learn and to ensure school readiness for all children in our care. We see the parent as the first teacher, and our role is offering complementary support services and understanding. We take seriously the responsibility for developing young minds, bodies, and character, and we share that responsibility with parents.

Children are grouped in classes according to age and ability and lesson plans are individualized according to each child’s specific needs. We use comprehensive, research based academic and social-emotional curriculum that aligns with Ohio’s Early Learning Development Standards and developmentally appropriate activities. The daily routine includes a balance of active and quiet play as well as opportunities for both solitary and group time. Although our days are carefully planned, so that children know what to expect each day and to feel secure, we do allow room for some variation in the schedule. Variations may occur to allow children to explore at their own pace in areas that interest them.

At Creative Child Care we encourage a lifelong love of learning and a desire to pursue it as we prepare children for productive and responsible roles in a complex, global society. These experiences help children develop a positive sense of self-worth and value.

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