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Although the building layout, staff, and some programs may vary within the centers, at each you can expect:

✓ Centers that are fully licensed by the state of Ohio and have security coded entrances and cameras in each classroom.

✓ Centers that are highly rated through Step-Up-To-Quality. Children enrolled at our centers participate in a learning and development program where the level of quality exceeds Ohio’s childcare licensing standards.

✓ Degreed & experienced Directors and Teachers whose credentials are supplemented with ongoing staff training, continuing education, and membership in national professional organizations for early childhood educators.

✓ Comprehensive, research-based curriculum that aligns with the Ohio Early Learning Development Standards.

✓ Developmentally appropriate activities including art, music, dramatic and free play, reading readiness, math concepts, computer training, science, and social skills.

✓ Academic assessments and developmental screenings with connections to early intervention resources.

✓ Child-centered facilities with spacious classrooms, where furniture and equipment have been designed for young children and chosen to facilitate independence and self-reliance.

✓ Outdoor playground equipment that stimulates imaginative and creative play and are designed for the recreational needs of young children.

✓ Nutritional breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks that are planned and prepared per USDA and Healthy Children, Healthy Weights approved standards.

✓ Competitive tuition rates and we accept publicly funded childcare assistance.